The brand story !

Brand of the month : AMUL

Amul means priceless in sanskrit. The brand name "Amul" from the sanskrit "Amoolya" was suggested by a quality control expert in Anand.

Amul has fetched a greater mileage for itself by introducing "The taste of India" campaign after the liberalization of Indian economy in 1991.

Since 1967 Amul has successfully built the brand personality with a cute little moppet girl wearing a polka-dotted frock as its mascot and made her part of our lives. Amul continues to show the same six-year-old girl in the "Utterly Butterly Delicious" advertisement of Amul butter... reflecting the brand never gets old.

Amul brand is not built as a product but as a movement to make India the largest producer of milk globally. It is representation of economic freedom of dairy farmers.